TV systems and Cameras

All camera test and inventory files are located under

Information on all cameras is available in the .xls book "Complete_Cameralist.xls".

For any information and problems related to TV and cameras, please use the email list

Protocols of (older) camera meetings

Adding Cameras to the Video System

PITZ Video Server List




for tunnel cameras


for tunnel cameras


for laser room cameras

Check Functionality before Updating Video System Configuration:

Obtain UniqueID

Modify PITZ Video System Repository Configuration Files

Push (update) Configuraion Files to each PITZ Video Server Host

Verify that your changes to PITZ Video System are working properly
Note: You need to test one Prosilica server per Host with each changed camera port name.
E.g. if Low.Scr1 has been exchanged and tunnel video servers are znpvs1 and znpvs2, the following tests need to be done:

Update Documentation

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