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Wellcome to the CMS wiki page at DESY Zeuthen.

The CMS people at Zeuthen are involved in the BCM1F subsystem of the Beam Condition Monitoring at CMS as well as Top Physics.

This wiki is intended to be used as a means of informing the collaborators about the state of the projects.

Some of the people working for CMS are also involved in LC project.

The CMS detector

  1. Instructions for Sensor Qualification

  2. BCM1F for CMS

  3. BCM1F for LHC

  4. Diamond Database

  5. Top Physics at Zeuthen

  6. Information about regular meetings

  7. DESY Laboratories in use for BCM1F

  8. Dealing with Administration (computing accounts, etc...)

  9. Tricks that will make your life easier

Group Members

List of Group Members

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