CLS (Coordinated Lattice Simulations) is a community effort, first launched in 2007, whose aim is to bring together the human and computer resources of several teams in Europe interested in lattice QCD. Current CLS groups are listed in the sidebar menu.

The central goal of CLS is to perform lattice QCD simulations in a wide range of quark masses, lattice spacings and lattice volumes, using a single lattice formulation of the theory. In this way it will become possible to assess the systematic errors in these computations and to perform the required extrapolations of the physical quantities to the chiral and the continuum limit.

While different massively parallel computers are used (PC clusters with Infiniband interconnects, IBM BlueGene computers and other machines), the simulations are based on the same standards-compliant simulation program, openQCD. The physics analysis of the generated ensembles of gauge-field configurations is then left to individual teams except for some coordination of research topics.

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